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Passions Trilogy


Uncommon Devotional Readings for Each of the Seasons - Advent / Lent / UnLent

by J. R. Larsen

Passions Trilogy invites you into the spiritual depths - all year long. Passions is a year's worth of thoughtful, whole-hearted, yet brief devotional readings following the three spiritual seasons of Advent, Lent, and UnLent. Every devotional ends with a short, mindful prayer for you to memorize as a way of giving continued attention to God through your prayerful stream of consciousness throughout the day.

Reflective in tone, the three books of Passions Trilogy are woven together by their exploration of intense human passions, or emotions. The many named and unnamed men and women who witnessed the birth, death, and resurrected life of Jesus were wrought with varied emotions. Imagining ourselves in their sandals, following the narratives of their lives, and using their deeply felt passions as jumping-off points, we are given fodder for self-examination. Underwritten by the ever-living Spirit of God, such self-examination creates the space needed to become more and more of the humans God intended us to be. It beckons us to live mind-ful and prayer-ful lives, to embrace the lifelong journey of letting God form and re-form us in every way, and, above all, to become the kind of people whose hearts and lives brim with Love.

Book 1: Passions of Christ's Birth - Advent, the preparative Christmas season anticipating Jesus' birth

Book 2: Passions of Christ's Death - Lent, the preparative season preceding Jesus' crucifixion

Book 3: Passions of Christ's Resurrection - UnLent, the forty days of ordinary time between Jesus' resurrection and ascension

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