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It takes many months to a few years for a book idea to manifest itself into a real book.
A lot of work has gone into preparing the manuscript.
But once this is done, it goes into the final phase: All that’s missing is the right cover.

Here are some cover designs I did for different authors:


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I offer many different types of designs: Be it the design of book covers and the associated social media graphics or the accurate implementation of the book set. I am also at your disposal at any time with book animations, audio book designs or the construction of your book website.

  • Bookcover design (paperback, e-book, hardcover, dustjacket hardcover) for every genre
  • Bookset
  • Social media graphics to promote your book
  • Bookwebsite design
  • Audiobook design
  • 3D web-optimized book previews
  • Bookbanner design
  • Bookmark
  • Merchandising



Designer & Booklover

I’ve been working as a professional designer for over 9 years and I especially enjoy photography, webdesign and printmaking. I successfully completed my training as a media designer at a medium-sized newspaper publisher in Germany.

We were created to create.

The love for art and design is constant in my life. There is nothing better than expressing yourself creatively. When I was younger I loved painting and drawing. I was also always very interested in the interpretation of artworks in advanced art courses at high school.

Working on new, creative projects with good people is a joy. I particularly love designing book covers, and the excitement of weaving and reflecting the story into my images.


Premade coverdesigns are soon available!
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